Welcome on Disblock's panel !

You can add the bot to your server by clicking on "Invite", in the menu on the left.

Also, to manage a server, you need the "Administrator" permission on it !

Finally, if you need help or have questions, feel free to join the support server.

Disblock is also open-source and licensed under the MIT License ! You can check our project on Github here.

New update V1.6.0-Alpha ! 📝


What's new ?

  • New feature : Forms !
  • Some blocks to manage Threads channels were added
  • The possibility to send Embeds by DM was added
  • You can now easily see if you gave an invalid name to your command ! No more struggling to find what was wrong in your command name 👍
  • Refactored a lot of code, especially files related to Blockly and workspace management
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Full change log available here & here.


This feature was asked and planned for a long time, and I'm happy to finally release it today ! You can now create forms to ask whatever you want to your community, and create your own action flows to decide what to do with the answers ! Before trying the new forms blocks, I recommend you to read the docs, to learn easily about that new feature ! If you want to see this new feature in action, feel free to execute /feedback anywhere in this server to answer some simple and quick questions about Disblock , that would also greatly help the project ! 😉

Increased blocks limit !!

Yeah, the maximal number of blocks in a workspace is doubled, so instead of 250, everyone can use up to 500 blocks ! 🎉 Feel free to use that space to build great things with Disblock !

By the way...

It's been a long time no updates were released, sorry ! I'm still working alone on this project and had some difficulties to find time to work on this. The project is totally open-sourced though, so any help is appreciated ! Whether to review some code, fixing some bugs or implementing new features ! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions abut the project !

New update V1.5.0-Alpha ! 📂


What's new ?

  • You can now save strings and number in a data storage !
  • Adding
    in a message will now insert a newline, allowing to send a message on multiple lines
  • When an Embed message is sent, you can now get the sent message in the "sent message" block. This makes it possible to create a thread on an embed message that you just sent, for example.
  • Fixed some bugs with Fullscreen and emojis
  • New useful links on the @Disblock embed

Full changelogs available here and here.

The addition of data storage opens up a whole new world of possibilities ! This update marks an important milestone, as the ability to save data is vital for creating advanced functionalities. With data storage, you can now create your own XP systems, manage money systems, or even design simple minigames ! However, data storage can be a bit complicated to understand, so we highly recommend reading the documentation before starting. Check out our documentation on data storage blocks to get started !

Thanks @everyone for your support towards this project ! ❤️

Disblock bot got verified by Discord !


Hi @everyone !

Some of you may have already noticed, but Disblock bot got verified by Discord ! We're excited about this new milestone for our project and can't wait to continue improving Disblock. We would never achieved this milestone without your support to this project so thank you all ! 😉

Let's continue building amazing things together with Disblock ! 🎉

New update V1.4.1-Alpha !


What's new ?

  • New invite URL to add the bot. This invite link will now redirect users directly on the editor, so they don't need to find it themselves !
  • A new default editor was added. New users don't see an empty workspace anymore !
  • Added new errors messages when there is a problem in back-end when processing your blocks
  • Invalid or incomplete blocks will now trigger an error, instead of just being ignored.
  • Polish special characters can now be used in commands descriptions. ( A future update should fix this type of problems )

Full changelog available here
This update is only for the Webapp, since the BotApp wasn't edited this time.

New update : 1.4.0-Alpha !


What's new ?

  • You can now create your own Slash commands !
  • Added the new command /reloadcommands. Use it to reload the commands you created on the editor
  • Some new blocks in channels & users categories
  • Placeholders were completely removed, and replaced by new pictures
  • Somes enhancements to front & back-end

By the way, it may be easier to understand the new command system with some explanations, so I highly recommend to read the Docs.

New update : 1.3.0-Alpha released !


New update for Disblock ! What's new ?

  • You can now manage @everyone role with a new block in Ranks tab
  • A block to stop the running event was added
  • The new logo is now online everywhere
  • Some placeholders were removed, replaced by new designs
  • Enhanced the security of the database
  • Some enhancements to the back-end

The full changelog is on Github if you want to learn more !

New update : 1.2.1-Alpha


Today, I just released a new update for Disblock !
What's new ?

  • You can now close the menu by clicking somewhere else
  • The bug that disconnected you when you were switching guilds or reloading too quickly is now fixed
  • Some enhancements to the back-end

Thanks everyone for your support toward this project !

Hello World !


Welcome in Disblock !
The project is still in Alpha, and a work in progress, but everything should work. If you run into any problem, let us know on the support server ;)